Trading & Strategy

Question 1: What is RobinForex’s strategy?

Support the partners in an active investment that aims to split a constantly evolving capital on ten accounts. This will have the effect of boosting the commission that will be collected by the trader for a solidary purpose: the redistribution of 30% of this commission to the entire community. The more the capital increases, the greater the redistribution of the 30%. This strategy has the effect of accelerating the gains of the partners and increasing their capital, giving a considerable leverage to this commission. As time goes by, it will become bigger and bigger.

Question 2: How does the "Mirror Trading" work?

Mirror trading (or "copytrading") is provided by our broker partner Paxforex. It allows any novice or confirmed person to copy trades made by our traders. When the Trade is "opened" on the Master account, it is immediatelyand automatically opened on your own personal metatrader4 account. He will also be automatically closed when the copied account is closed.

Question 3: Why do we use cents (CENT) accounts?

We use centime accounts because they are consistent with our trading strategy. This allows a lot of leeway on the quantity of trades sent. It minimizes the risk of loss and of commission taking. These accounts provide our traders with safe freedom of action.

Question 4: What security systems are set up in RobinForex?

The centime accounts, the batch calibration adapted to each Master account ($100, $250, $500, etc.), and the control of capital according to our strategy of 10 evolutionary accounts are the recipe for our success. We are trading in micro-lots This reduces the risks, regardless of the size of the behavioour of the stock market. Ongoing coaching and monitoring of trades is also conducted. Finally, we set up a “stop loss” and “take profit” system on each trade (maximum gain and loss tolerated before the trade is automatically closed). Our Draw Down remains balanced and controllable.


Question 1: Why does RobinForex reverse 30% of its commissions?

We give back 30% of our trading commissions. On the one hand, because we want to set up a win-win solidarity movement in trading. On the other hand, because helping you to inflate your capital faster will accelerate our strategy by increasing total earnings and consequently increasing this commission even more. It is a virtuous circle of solidarity.
Example: more capital > more commissions > 30% more donations with each capital movement, whether by the arrival of a new partner, the opening of a new account (strategy of the ten accounts) or the rise of your accounts on the levels (100$ > 250$). By following this strategy, the commission will grow day after day, month after month, year after year.

Question 3: How is the affiliation remunerated?

This remuneration is based on your own business portfolio. Each partner invited by you will bring not only an increase of the reverse commission but also an affiliate commission on the commissions that your affiliates will generate in Robinforex. It is made up of different ranks (=levels) based on the number of active accounts in your business portfolio. It can be 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25% (refer to the Excel available for the different rank objectives). It is not paid on the investment of your partners, it is paid on the commission received by Robinforex by its trading work.
Example: your affiliates generate X amount of commissions:
- 30% of this amount will be redistributed to the entire community,
- 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25% of this amount will come back to you in additional commissions (depending on your rank).

Question 3: How does affiliation work?

Affiliation is by no means a binary system but a linear system (no network "depth"). In other words, it is not the network that will bring you a commission but only the fruit of your work, that is to say the people who join our movement through your direct intermediary. To do this, simply communicate your affiliate link available in your Robinforex back office.

Question 4: How does the payment of the various commissions work?

Two different commissions are available for you: 1. The 30% of donations on the commissions of our traders. To be eligible for this commission, you must have at least a $100 account and have a full month of registration. It will be paid at the beginning of the following month.
Example : you register on January 2, you will receive the commission for February (1st full month), beginning of March, and every month thereafter.
2. The affiliation commission is based on your business portfolio. It is active as soon as one of your invited partners have created his first account. You are eligible from the first month of activation and activity.


Question 1: How do I register with RobinForex?

Follow this link, a tutorial video is available to guide you in the registration.
You can also be invited by a partner who is already registered. You may ask for his affiliation link.

Question 2: What is the Back Office for?

The Back-Office provides a simplified management of your RobinForex business: account tracking, personal commission tracking, affiliate tracking.

Question 3: Why isn’t there a RobinForex subscription?

We believe our strategy is able to self-fund the program. We don’t want to impose a recurring payment on our partners. The goal is that everyone can win money, not lose any.

Question 4: How to create more than 3 Member accounts?

If you already have 3 accounts with $100, just send an email to: wm@paxforex.org with the following text :

Hello there,

Can you please add me (number of accounts needed) accounts on my backoffice.

It is important to deposit the funds before to your Paxforex account.